DPS909 0.4 Release – Blog 2

Hello again. It’s been a week and a lot of work on my end has been completed. We’re in the final week before exams and naturally a lot of major assignments are due this time. Last week I officially completed my course work in Web Services and I personally feel like that I have learned a lot in that course. It was the second time that I took a course where there was coding in C# and the second time around was better. The first time I took a course in C#, it was a completely new subject and we were being tested in material before lectures were being held in the specific topics. The assignments were a lot challenging at first and it did not help since I was using a pretty old laptop at the time that was not as fast as I wanted it to be when running Visual Studio. That forced me to use the school computers most of the time, but I would have preferred to use my laptop for the assignments so I could work at my own pace at whatever time of the day. Working on the school computers for long assignments really limits your time in my opinion. But this time, I felt a bit more prepared and having a new laptop for the semester which would run Visual Studio properly was a lot more comforting. The topics this semester in Web Services were definitely new, but with a lot of practice and going through notes and coding examples helped when it came to completing assignments. A demo was supposed to be held this week but it was cancelled and it was actually something I was looking forward too since I was feeling really confident in the subject and I had completed my entire assignment within the due date.

I almost have a similar feeling when it comes to open source. At first the entire idea of open source was intimidating, especially working with other programmers that seem to be experts in whatever they are doing. But over time, I was starting to feel more comfortable and having discussions with others over topics I wasn’t entirely sure of became natural.

For the external open source project for the 0.4 Release, I have been hoping to find an issue related to C# which I could complete because I’m feeling really confident in the subject and also because my head is still filled with C#, after staying at school for over twelve hours on Friday to complete the final assignment. C# seems to be the language with the least issues after looking around so I’m not hopeful in finding an issue that would be acceptable to complete.

For the two internal open source projects for the 0.4 Release, I am still researching and trying to figure out how to move forward with what I completed before for the 0.3 Release. I decided to work on the GitHub Dashboard, and I decided to make a pull request where I was able to gather some simple metrics from a repository. Using octokit/rest.js, I was able to download contents from a specified repository but I was not able to gather the simple metrics that I wanted to. I was thinking that maybe with the contents that I was able to download, I could have a program where it would search through the contents and possibly gain some data from the downloaded files. I am not entirely sure what I can find but hopefully I can gather some simple metrics which can be applied to the Dashboard in some way.

During this final week, I have a final assignment for iOS to complete so my focus will be towards that but once that is finished I can direct all of my attention to the pull requests that I have to make before Monday December 10. My goal is to find an issue in C# that is related to web services since those topics are still fresh in my head. After completing the pull request in the external open source project, I can direct my attention to the GitHub Dashboard. Until then, it’s back to iOS. I’ll check back next week and by then I can discuss about the pull requests I will have made.

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