DPS909 0.4 Release – Blog 1

Hello there. Long time no see. It feels like a while since I worked on open source. With the end of the semester around the corner, I can start to feel the weight of my other assignments. The past few weeks, my time has been split between Web Services, Mobile Programming on iOS, Human-Computer Interaction, and Open Source. I recently finished my last test which means I can use all of my time to focus on the major assignments that are due soon. That includes figuring out what external project I can work on. Since I completed two pull requests in external projects and one pull request for an internal open source project for the 0.3 Release, this time I will have to do the opposite. That means I have to complete two pull requests for an internal open source project and one in an external open source project.

I already know what I’m working on for the internal open source project. For the 0.3 Release, I was working on the GitHub Dashboard so I’ll be continuing on that for the 0.4 Release. My pull request for that repository was a Javascript program that pulled files from a specific repository, in this case it was the GitHub Dashboard. I was trying to figure out how to use octokit/rest.js to gather simple metrics from a repository. My goal was to gather simple data from a repository and have a json file filled out with the data. I was not able to do that, but by using octokit/rest.js I was able to pull files into my computer. I think that this is a step in some direction but it is obvious that I have to continue using this repository and somehow gather some metrics from a repository which can be used for the dashboard. If its not perfect but I am able to gather some simple data, then I will know that I am going in the right direction.

For the one pull request in an external open source project, I am not exactly sure what I can do. I could look at the Possible Issues to Work On for hacktoberfest to find an issue or bug to work on. I could also look at the Interesting Open Source Projects which deals with larger open source repositories. I am still unsure as to what I’ll be working on for the external pull request so I guess I can leave this one to the end. Since I know what I have to do for the internal open source project, I guess I can move forward with that. I do have a major assignment due this Friday for another course so I’ll have to manage my time wisely.

I’ll check back in a week to update you on my progress.



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