DPS909 0.3 Release – Blog 3

It is the end of the 0.3 Release and I was able to complete the three required pull requests. The task was to either complete two internal pull requests for any of the open source projects and one external pull request, or complete one internal pull request for any of the open source projects and two external pull requests. I decided for this pull request that I would complete two external pull requests first then finish off with the one pull request for the internal open source project. The internal open source project that I decided to work on was the GitHub Dashboard. I was interested in working with this project because personally it seemed like the most interesting project out of all of the other projects. I do not have much experience in open source so I decided that I should work with something that I would feel comfortable in. I made sure to read through the other internal open source projects that were available but they all seemed a bit more complicated. Also, the GitHub Dashboard did seem like a cool idea and it is something that I would be interested in using in the future. But before completing the internal open source project, I had to first find two external open source projects and complete two pull requests for the respective issues.

For my first pull request, I came across a a repository where a website was using React and the issue was to add touch support to a themed login screen which was written on LightDM and the LightDM-webkit-greeter. The following is the issue for the repository that I chose to work on.

Issue 1 (External)

LightDM is a free and open source X display manager that aims to be lightweight, fast, extensible and multi-desktop. It can use various front-ends to draw User Interface, also called Greeters. It is written in C and is available for over fifty languages. I had to do a bit of research before getting started with this pull request because I had never added any kind of touch support to a program. Then after researching how to add touch support, I started to study what was completed already for the Lock Screen page. I had to gain an understanding since I had to make an enhancement to an existing program. I learned that when the user clicks with the mouse drags a page up, a login page is shown. The user has to click and drag the Lock Screen page along the y-axis and once the mouse reaches a certain point, the login screen is shown. So after doing research on adding touch support, I made the additions just like the tutorials showed. By adding touch support from the start of the event and at the end of the event, the Lock Screen can be dragged up and the login page can be shown. The following is the pull request that I made for the repository.

Pull Request 1 (External)

The second pull request was to fix a bug for a Fitbit watchface program which mainly uses Javascript. The issue was that the midnight hour was showing 0 for the 12 hour clock. The following is the issue that I decided to work on from the repository.

Issue 2 (External)

After studying the code, I saw that where the 12 hour clock time was being gathered. There was a check where if the hour was over 12, then a subtraction would be made by taking away 12 from the hour. This is where I assumed the value 0 for the hour was coming from. The program would subtract 12 from 12 resulting in the hour 0. So I inserted a condition before the subtraction condition where if the hour was 12, then it would stay at hour 12. After making my addition to the program I made the pull request and made sure to reference the issue in my pull request. The following is the pull request that I made for the repository.

Pull Request 2 (External)

The final pull request for the 0.3 Release was for the Internal open source project. I chose to work on the Seneca Student Personal GitHub Dashboard. The goal of this internal open source project is to create a web-based GitHub Dashboard suitable for Seneca students doing open source. The following is the issue that I filed for the repository.

Issue 3 (Internal – GitHub Dashboard)

My goal for this pull request was to work with octokit/rest.js to gather some simple data from a GitHub repository. After doing research with octokit, I was not able to gather the data like I wanted to but I was able to download certain contents from a repository to a local folder on my machine.

The following is displayed after compiling the program that I put together.



The following is the pull request that I made for the repository.

Pull Request 3 (Internal – GitHub Dashboard)

For the 0.4 Release I am definitely looking forward to moving on with gathering simple data from a repository for the GitHub Dashboard. Hopefully I can get on top of my other school work so I can finish this aspect of the project within a reasonable time, and if I can get it working the way I want to then I think my contribution would be a success.


Touch Support




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