DPS909 0.3 Release – Blog 1

It is November which means Hacktoberfest has come to an end. I was successful in completing the five pull requests, but I am not entirely sure if I made them in time to earn a free t-shirt. But all is well because I leave Hacktoberfest with gained knowledge on GitHub and the open source community. During Hacktoberfest I mainly stuck with topics that I already had experience in, except for my first pull request which was completed in Ruby. Mainly because of my other course work, so experimenting with new languages had to be put on hold. While continuing with Hacktoberfest after my first pull request, I gained a better understanding of open source in general and how contributions to different projects are made. I always assumed projects for Mozilla or Microsoft or any other large software company completed projects internally. But now I realize that pretty much anyone can contribute to whatever issues are available on a repository.

For the 0.3 Release, we are instructed to complete 3 larger pull requests. I can either complete two larger pull requests in external open source projects with one large pull request in an internal open source project. Or I can complete one large pull request in an external open source project with two large pull requests in an internal open source project.

To start I think I’ll be working on an internal open source project. The following is the link to the project.


The goal of this project is to create a web-based GitHub Dashboard suitable for Seneca students doing open source. The Dashboard can include information like repositories that are forked, pull requests that are made, projects that are of interest and even more. I think this is a great idea since GitHub does not exactly provide a dashboard which holds this kind of information. Some information that GitHub does show on a users profile includes repositories made, organizations joined, and an activity chart showing the certain months of activity the user has been active on GitHub.

I have been told of Octokit and how it can be used to gather metrics on GitHub data and possibly added to a json file. The json file might not be perfect at first but as long as some information is being gathered, then I’ll know I’m on the right track. I think that I’ll have to conduct more research into this topic so I can gain a better understanding of the subject since this is the first time I’m working on a project of this scale. The following is a link to the repository.


I am not entirely sure of the other internal open source projects so I’ll be looking at possible external open source projects that I could work on. I think after looking into the available projects I can check back and say what I’ll be working on in the future. But for now, I’ll be researching Octokit and possibly making a pull request before I come back with my second blog.

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